What’s on the other side of your canyon?

Change Your Perspective – Change Your Life

You’re at the edge of a canyon-sized crater of anguish.

You feel overwhelmed, frightened, vulnerable, or exposed.

You’re facing disappointment, frustration or pain with life as you know it.

It’s time to cash in your “Get Out of Jail Card” and find out what’s waiting for you on the other side of your canyon.

Coaching is a gift of self-discovery where you’ll learn to breathe in the awe of a new life that you will create for yourself.  It’s a brave sense of “I’ve got this!”

If you’ve wandered too far and found yourself at the edge of a canyon needing to be crossed, it likely feels impossible because it’s too deep and wide.

That’s when awakening begins from that discerning place inside of you.  You see that this new canyon is meant to be conquered. It’s an invitation to take the next step as your expansion and aliveness call for more. You know deep down inside that to grow you absolutely must trust the steps from your comfortable (and unsettled) vista.

And then it happens!  You take the leap…or at least the first few steps. And for a brief second, it feels like you may have lost our balance and that you’re going to tumble; until the moment you realize you’re breaking a stride. Bravely you move toward your limitless capacity to emerge with grace and ease.

The reality is that you CAN . . .

  • Change your life by taking control of it
  • Claim your greater inner power and wisdom
  • Live your truth
  • Awaken a life filled with passion and purpose

         It’s YOUR choice!

As your Life Navigation Coach, I promise to…

  • Encourage you to see that the other side is worth moving toward even when your stomach sinks as you look over the edge
  • Breath with you as you face the gorge between you and the other side
  • Cheer you on with “You’ve got this!” especially when it feels like you don’t
  • Support you to dig deep and find the strength to take just one step, and then another
  • Guide you through the stumbles and discomfort of realizations and making changes
  • Celebrate each stride as you are no longer willing to settle for the ease that comes from predictability

Hi, I’m Joanna Angeli.       

As a Life Navigator, my clients often admit to being at the edge of a canyon-sized crater of disappointment, frustration or pain with life as they know it. They have no idea what to do or who to escape. Together we navigate away from the edge and build a bridge across their personal canyon with grace and ease.

Whether you’re a woman who’s been living life for others for decades or a millennial grappling to live with a greater sense of purpose,  I want you to know that living a life you love doesn’t have to be hard.  

A grand life is totally possible.  You just need to step up and build your unique bridge between mind and heart.

Peace and joy,


Take control of your life 
Claim your power
Discover your hidden passion
Let’s do it!!!

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